About Clint Sanderson

Executive with more than 20 years of experience including general management of small-to mid-sized organizations, executive leadership, and sales operations.


Currently Chief Operations Officer at Nudge, a leading provider of investment real estate, developed land, and trust deeds.


Prior to BuyPd was President and COO of StoreOnline Inc. (AMEX:IIG) and Crexendo (AMEX:EXE). Focused on the restructuring of the business to convert from selling Web services to SMB’s and entrepreneurs to offering hosted telecommunications to mid-sized businesses. Worked in tandem with the CEO and board of directors to manage the change and communications with shareholders.


Previously a top executive leading the sales and operations efforts at Storesonline, Everton Publishers, MasterControl, and COMPanion Corporation.


Specialities: Executive Leadership, Executive Sales, Sales Recruiting, Sales Process, Sales Training Program, Compensation Plans, Turn Around, Database Development, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Reorganization, C-Level Executives, Sales Methodology, High Performance Sales